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This ClinicalWP Extension adds a collection of Security tools to your WordPress / ClinicalWP website.

WordPress is the World’s most popular CMS, yet it comes with no real form of protection beyond the simple username & password combination you’d expect. That simply isn’t enough by today’s standards where you can readily get scripts that will make thousands of attempts per second to find away into your website.

In fact, being the World’s most popular CMS makes WordPress especially vulnerable to hacking. Once a weakness has been found in WordPress or a plugin, hackers can use this knowledge to attack hundreds of websites in just a few minutes.

Sure, there are a bunch of well known ‘security’ plugins for WordPress but you really need to pay monthly for the ‘pro’ versions before you get any significant benefits. That’s why -like the rest of ClinicalWP- we wanted to build an affordable / low cost security plugin. One that could offer most if not all of the benefits of those well known plugins but with a much simpler admin. Of course, this meant integrating it with ClinicalWP so that it is intuitive and can be found alongside your other ClinicalWP tools.

The first step was creating a WAF(web application firewall) in the form of Brute Force login protection. This gives you a few simple settings in your ClinicalWP Security tab, that enable you to set how many tries an IP can have a loging in and how long they will be locked our for if they fail. This ensures, that your genuine users aren’t penalised whilst hacking attempts are locked out for a period of time. Once this time expires they can try again.

This is where the 2nd level protection comes in. You simply select a number of further attemps before the hacker is locked out for a longer period of your choice. Fail to login correctly this time and it’s going to be long time before they can try again. Or not, it’s up to you. Likewise, if you want to be emailed whenever a lockout gets triggered, we’ve got that covered too.

If you’re an agency or a virtual hosting provider you can have your WordPress sites, report these lock-outs to a log file and use that to set your server firewall to block the detect hacker IP addresses. We’re currently planning a centralised log that all ClinicalWP Security Tools Pro users can report rogue IP’s too. You’ll then have the option of adding these community verified IP’s to your WordPress installation and prevent suspected hackers on their very first visit to your site.

Want to know when someone successfully logs in to your WordPress site? You can do that too, just flick the switch from the Security settings tab. Likewise you can choose to add sortable columns to the users page showing when an account was created and when it was last logged-in. Plus, there a few other useful settings that’ll make your WordPress site more secure: Force SSL, Disable XML-RPC, Prevent changes to themes and plugins.

Lastly, you can keep an eye on your site reputation via Sucuri Sitecheck & Google SafeBrowsing(beta). We’ve got more planned for this extension too.

Includes updates & support with valid active license!

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Security Tools Pro

Version: 0.7.4

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What People Say

ClinicalWP is a must have set of tools for any WordPress website. It makes my job as a WordPress designer so much easier and gives me complete control and saves me hours of work every time I build a site.

Not only does it take care of the obvious things like SEO, Caching and anti-SPAM, it also has neat feature like removing nag notices that clog-up the WordPress dashboard. Things that you don’t realise you need until you try it for the first time.

Christian Hæ

Hæ Design


What People Say

ClinicalWP is the Swiss Army Knife of WordPress plugins, It really does what its team say!

It replaces at least 10 other plugins, including those which are essential for wordpress admins on every site they build.

Zoltán Mészáros 

IT Professional / Designer 


What People Say

This is just too good! ClinicalWP brings together so many of the little things (and big things) that have been missing in WordPress or have required a number of individual plugins just to come close to. I’m pretty practical and not one to get to excited about glib promises or promotional hype, but ClinicalWP truly excels in delivering what it promises. I will be recommending this to my clients and WordPress users at large. Nice!

Stephen B. Henry


What People Say

ClinicalWP is simply great! There are some brilliant options you can make use of on every WordPress website. Everything is very easy to find, and the options make configuration a really easy thing to do. I also love the fact that it makes debugging code really easy with it’s maintenance features. It also does unique & useful things like integrating into slack, notfying me when my site needs updating.

Nick Druce


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